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  • Junior Design Project  v.1.0This is my junior design project for Electrical Engineering. There's a couple homework assignments on here also everything will be open source.
  • Edp: Eiffel Design Project (IDE)  v.1.0The Eiffel Developers Project (EDP) is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for browsing, editing, validating and (eventually) compiling and executing programs written in Eiffel on Linux and Windows on Intel/AMD.
  • Project: Panzer Korps  v.1.0P:PK was the continuation of a senior design project destined to be a historically accurate WWII tank game. It was built up from nothing, clobbers a lot of details haphazardly, and is a great example of how not to do things; use only as a reference.
  • The NSPI Project  v.1.0The NSPI Project (Natural Sciences and Physics Institute) is an research software consortium and hardware design project to capture and analyze information in various disciplines including agriculture, electricity, energy, and paranormal investigations.
  • My Own Fonts  v.1.0my own fonts is a free online font browser. Using my own fonts font browser you can test your entire font library when looking for that perfect font for your design project, logo or any other project where you might need to choose a suitable font.
  • Paint.NET  v.3.36Paint.NET is an image and photo manipulation software.Paint.NET started development at Washington State University as an undergraduate senior design project mentored by Microsoft, and is currently being maintained by some of the alumni that ...
  • Your Daily Decoration  v.1Your Daily Decoration Let the ThingaMaJigMachine make a different clipart decoration for you every day. You can use ThingaMaJigs in ANY design project: scrapbooking, game development, photo albums, web design, etc. Click the info button for Tips...
  • Open Source Android Forensics Toolkit  v.rc2Welcome to OSAF! The OSAF-Toolkit was developed, as a senior design project, by a group of IT students from the University of Cincinnati, wanting to pioneer and pave the way for standardization of Android malware analysis. The OSAF-Toolkit is built ...
  • GameTx  v.1.0THis is a object oriented software design project. It's a simple version of pong ...
  • Automated Robotic Truck  v.1.0CSE Senior Design Project for an automated Robotic Truck. This will be software and hardware that allows for the autonomous nature of a the RC vehicle.
  • Modelplaneuav  v.1.0Senior design project for an autonomous model airplane for Ohio Northern University.
  • TMS320C67 DSP Hardware Voice Transformer  v.1.0Georgia Tech Fall 2006 ECE4006C Group 1 Senior Design Project: Voice Transformation using TI's 6000 series DSP.
  • GUI Design Viewer  v. Design Viewer is a companion product to GUI Design Studio that lets you view user interface designs and run your prototypes.
  • Atrise Golden Section  v.3.0.1This program is an unique design tool for artists, designers, programmers, photographers. It allows you design using the golden section proportion visually over your preffered design software.
  • MSI Studio  v.4.1.2Create, edit, manage, and re-package MSIs.
  • NoGerber  v.2.8.0Loads multiple files to view multiple layers at the same time.
  • Icons-Land Weather Vector Icons  v.1.0Our new Icons-Land Weather Vector Icons contains unique icons which represent natural phenomena. We offer many weather conditions variants, even more than are used on weather forecast sites, which makes our Weather Icons irreplaceable in designing a ...
  • Alternative PNG Picture Illustration Stu  v.3.1Program produces GIF pictures, logos and banners for your Web page. It has convenient design which helps you edit graphics, manipulate with content, and apply graphic distortions like shadows, flushs, transparency as well as warp and transition. You ...
  • Super Great PNG Image Animation Suite  v.3.1Software generates GIF images, titles and banners for your Website. It has convenient design which helps you edit graphics, work with texts, and apply special distortions like shadows, flushs, transparency as well as warp and transition. You can ...
  • ArgoUML  v.0.32.2ArgoUML is the leading open source UML modeling tool and includes support for all standard UML 1.4 diagrams. It runs on any Java platform and is available in ten languages. See the feature list for more details. FEATURES: · Click and Go! with ...
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